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Calculate the cost from Japan until you drive

The usual question is: How much will it cost until i drive my car? The answer is different for each circumstances. The total amount varies depending on the size of the vehicle, your location, Several Import and duty taxes, clearance costs and agent fees. We have prepared an “Easy to Use” Calculator to help you get a rough estimate as to how much the costs are.Please take note that this calculator is not 100% accurate, This will just provide you an estimation of the costs.

This calculator transparently for calculates

Total Price (all the price you pay from japan to your Home)

  • Agent Fee
  • Shipping Fee
  • Import taxes, Customs, Duty
  • Clearning Charges
  • Local Transport
  • Compliance for each car
  • Registration Costs
  • Local Transport

This calculator is provided to you by W Group Japan for FREE.

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