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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Beware of Websites, SNS, E-Mails and Invoices impersonating JAN’S Group It seems that there are websites, SNS, E-Mails and Invoices circulating falsely using Jan’s Group name or names deceptively similar to Jan’s Group. Please note that our company is not related to them at all. The website of our company (Jan’s Group) is https://janjapan.com/ Kindly confirm every time before making any payment.
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“Innovation and challenge”

Time has changed since the establishment. We need to be flexible and innovative and moving forward all the time. Always we keep in mind, “what we can do better” Our mission is that we build “trust” between our partners by high quality of service and products. I have been taking over “will” from the founder, to be capable of delivering the service and elements which meet customers Satisfaction. Waqas Trading Co.,Ltd is to be platform of USED CAR BUSINESS for our clients, and establish “fair and good relationship” with our clients as Business Partner. That’s what Waqas Trading Co.,Ltd aim for. Human resource is the most important factor of the company, this is my belief, which has not been changed it at all. On behalf of the company, As being of CEO of Waqas Trading Co.,Ltd , I do enjoy working and communicating with our staff. I always engage in the business not only for our profits. Also with and for our partners and suppliers.

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