• Waqas Trading A Perfect Partner


Waqas Trading Co.,Ltd. is diligent in maintaining high quality shipping services with reduced cost and increased accessibility to our clients around the globe, for this we have use only the best and renowned shipping companies to deliver your vehicles to you. Our yards are strategically located across Japan to reduce in-land transportation cost and ensuring fastest delivery to the port of destination. Waqas Trading Co.,Ltd. uses efficient shipping methods including RORO shipping and Containerization for fast, reliable and secure vehicle shipping to your country.

Door To Door Service

We provide door to door services to deliver Japanese vehicle of your choice at the best prices as compared to others in the market.

Yard Facilities

Waqas Trading Co.,Ltd. is providing best maintenance and reconditioning services at their yards in Japan for the vehicle to be exported.


User-friendly car tracking system is incorporated on our website to track your vehicle easily.

Secure Shipment Operations

All Container loading/ unloading and roll on/ roll off operations of vehicles are done with extreme caution to ensure maximum security.

24/7 Customer Support

We are available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer your queries and resolve any issue.

Strategic Yard Locations

Waqas Trading Co.,Ltd. possesses different shipyards strategically positioned to provide easy access and control on its operations in Japan.


Strong, effective and systematic shipping methods for fast, secure and cost efficient vehicle delivery.


RORO shipping is the best option for commuting wheeled cargo internationally as it consumes least loading and unloading time to make quick deliveries. It is the cheapest international shipping option while importing a car to your country. It has convenient loading and unloading, as compared to containerization which creates ease in the shipping process and reduces delivery time.


Containerization is a standard transport method globally for vehicle exports. Safety and protection is ensured as each container has a unique identification number. Economies of Methandienone benefits scale is created while exporting vehicles in bulk through container shipping method.