Door to Door Service

Waqas Trading Co.,Ltd provides door to door service of delivering the purchased car to the desired customer location anywhere in Pakistan. The service includes transportation of car from yard to desired port of Pakistan (Karachi) to the desired customer location around Pakistan.

Basic Check Up Service

When a car arrives in Waqas Trading Co., Ltd’s stockyard, the car goes through a basic inspection by our yard staff. After the inspection detailed pictures of car are taken by our staff from interior to exterior to the engine and assembly parts for customer satisfaction.

Translation Service

Translation of auction sheet is done prior to the auction on request of registered customer. Our expert translates the auction sheet for a better understanding of the customer on car, customer willing to bid.

Clearing Service

Custom clearing service can be arranged on customer demand. Our reliable clearing agents provide a satisfactory service to the customer for clearing cars & arranging their delivery nationwide

Delivery Service

Delivery of car to the desired city as per customer demand is also provided by Waqas Trading Co.,Ltd. The process is done through local transportation and the car is delivered to the desired point on customer request.