What is AUCTION?

AUCTION is a useful system which enables its users connect to and buy cars from Japanese auto auctions. Through AUCTION, you will be able to view thousands of vehicles available at auctions every day, and select the cars you want to bid for. Buying cars from Japan has never been this easy, speedy or cost-efficient! Of course, we will assist you every step of the way to make your purchasing experience a pleasant one.

If this is your first visit, please read through this guideline first before continuing, in order to fully understand the rules and prices that apply.

  About Auto Auction

There are over 100 auto auction sites in Japan, and many used cars are traded daily from Monday to Saturday.

The majority of vehicles that exhibit vehicles are second-hand vehicle operators that specialize in vehicles. A third party organization that evaluates the quality of vehicles is set up at the auction site, and by establishing a quality inspection system and maintaining the reliability of the auction, it is possible to make an auction via the Internet without directly confirming the vehicles.

Thousands of vehicles are bought and sold every day.




Contact our Team

Submit in inquiry form to get contacted by our team members. Please feel free to ask any questions you have regarding the vehicle or purchase.

Security Deposit

Once you decided to buy particular car, please make security deposit before bidding. After auction deposit is received, an auction consultant will start locating your target car from auctions.

Bidding Price

You have to be careful while deciding the bidding price of an auction car. Once car bidding price is determined, the Staff will bid on car at your target price.

Auction Result

If your Bid is won, please make remaining payment. If your bid unsuccessful, then security deposit will be refunded or you can use it for another vehicle.

Vehicle Shipment

Once all payment is confirmed, supplier will ship the car to the your port with all the necessary documents